Davone Tulip

Davone Tulip full view
Two Bass Drivers

With two powerful 6-inch woofers working in parallel, distortion is reduced for the low and mid frequencies. The total radiating area is actually larger than the 7-inch woofer used in Riva. A clean mid range reproduction is further more ensured through use of the same diaphragm compostion with natural fibers of the Riva and Ray mid driver.

Davone Tulip Grill
Integrated Grill

For critical listening the grille is usually removed from the loudspeaker. By intergrating the grille into the design, this is no longer needed with the Tulip. Only 3mm thick, the sound is not at all blocked anymore by the grille. By fixing it to the cabinet, it is furthermore no longer a potential source of resonance.

Davone Tulip full view
Inert Baffle

The 24mm thick curved baffle is pressed into shape from 6 layers of High Density Fiber board (HDF). It provides optimal structural strength for the two powerful 6-inch woofers and the 1-inch tweeter. The cuts on the side enable the use of flat dowels to further strengthen the connection between the baffle and the cabinet walls.

Davone Tulip

Great things do come in small packages. Tulip is the perfect speaker for that "sing to me" kind of sound. The beautifully sculpted cabinet is a total chameleon and will blend in to any room. Don't let the size fool you, this is a serious speaker capable of grabbing you by the ear and taking you on a trip with every track.

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Frequency response: 43 - 30,000 Hz
Impedance: 4 ohm, 2.7 ohm minimum at 43Hz
Sensitivity: 88 dB/2.83V/m
Max power: 100 W (IEC 268-5)
Woofer: 150mm, proprietary natural fibre cone. Extended copper sleeve on pole piece for low distortion. Xmax 20 mm peak-peak
Mid: 150mm, low distortion driver with a special fibre blend cone with optimal balance of stiffness, damping and density
Tweeter: 29mm ring radiator, dual balanced compression chamber, saturation controlled motor system, non-reflective rear chamber with optimized damping
Crossover: 2.1 kHz / Bottom woofer 100 Hz low pass
System: Bass reflex
Cabinet: 6 layer beech wood form pressed veneer
Weight: 11 kg / piece


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