Davone Ray

Davone Ray full view
Real Design Meets High End Audio

Function follows form in this innovative design. Eliminating parallel surfaces helps to reduce internal cancellations. The curved laminations of real wood is much stiffer than the fiber board construction you see on most speakers. Our leather baffle provides a unique look and a purpose in even diffraction. A true work of art to the eye and the ear.

Fluid Cabinet Shape
Acoustic Driver Design

8-inch hand built paper woofer with symmetrical motor stays rigid through the entire stroke and the off center mounting of the tweeter and midrange drivers give a more balanced in-room response than conventional tower speakers.

Davone Ray back view
Aerodynamic Tuned Port

At low volume the port allows the woofer to think it is in a much bigger space which means the sound will “come together” without requiring loud listening. At higher volume the port activates to allow the driver to really move unrestricted. This perfect system will provide rich, full sound no matter what you're in the mood for.

Solid steel speaker stand
Solid Steel Stand

1-inch thick water cut steel provides the structure to an elegant support system. Elevating the speaker to the perfect listening height is not it’s only job. Through selective choices in material thickness and precision bends we’ve created a stand that minimizes energy loss from the speaker to your floor.

High End Audio speaker connections
Solid Connections

A single knob tightens both spade connections. The simplest design can often yield the best results. High quality materials allow for an uncompromising interface for your choice of quality cables.

Davone Ray

Inspiration struck and there was no choice other than to pursue perfection. Similar in look and inspiration as the famous Eames lounge chair this speaker was designed to be used everyday.

Our goal is to give you pleasure even before you drop the needle. Beautiful to look at, screaming to be touched and begging to be listened to are the subtle beckonings of the Davone Ray. No speaker will grab your attention and transport you to the performance like the Ray will. Old world Danish craftsmanship runs through the entire design. Each listening session will be like a vacation from all your worries.

The Ray-S, the newly updated version of the Ray, takes the Ray legacy of high end audio performance to a new high. Now featuring a full-fledged three way system with a long throw 8-inch bass, the Ray-S produces a vocal sound so real, detail and depth makes your toes curl and a bass that just blows you away.

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“Object of Desire”

WIRED magazine

“Audio Oasis Award”

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) 2011

“CNET top 100 products that mattered in 2011”


Frequency response: 38 - 20.000 Hz
Impedance: 7.5 ohm minimum at 150Hz/ 4.1 ohm minimum at 20KHz 89 dB/2, 83V/m
Long term Power: 150W (AES)
Woofer: 8" studio woofer Xmax 25mm peak-peak, Symmetrical dual spider for improved power handling Low distortion due to symmetrical magnet system
Tweeter: 1" illuminator, coaxially mounted on extended pole wide surround silk dome diaphragm ring neodymium magnet
Crossover: 2800Hz
System: Bass reflex, aerodynamic inlet & outlet
Terminal: Spades - Cardas patented binding post, pure copper
Cabinet: 16 layer beech wood form pressed veneer + MDF internal stiffener
Finish: Walnut, gloss 25. Cow leather on front and back, black
Stand: Water/Laser cut solid steel, powder coated.
Spikes: M6 thread
Weight: 55lb (25kg) / each


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