The Davone-In-Your-Home Trial

Hearing is believing! We want you to be happy, and in locales not served by a physical Davone retailer we offer a direct, no risk in home trial.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You order the speakers

    You think they are going to fit in your world and we expect that you are right.

  2. You receive the speakers

    You set them up within your system, feel free to call us for help if needed. We know our stuff!

  3. You enjoy the speakers

    Send us a glowing review. Enjoy listening to and loving your Davone speakers forever.

     -  OR  - 

    You think you need some help

    Call us. We might be able to help with setup or system matching, etc. Easy peasey.

     -  OR  - 

    You just don’t think these fit your system

    Call us and we’ll arrange for the return shipping and refund.

Fine Print

Communication is critical. Treat these speakers like they’re ours until you decide they are yours. Speakers returned without written communication between you and Davone Audio USA, poorly packaged, or without RMA documentation will incur a 20% restocking fee. Also, damaged speakers are dealt with case by case. Please take care.