Davone Grande Speakers
Davone Grande

Our goal is simple… To leave you speechless. No words are adequate to relate the experience you will have with our statement model the Grande. A work of art from any angle and an absolute epiphany to hear.

A pair of speakers such as this was not simply intended to redefine current market expectations of what a speaker should look like, but also what you should expect to hear from an investment of this magnitude. No shortcuts or compromises is the only way we know how to deliver musical experience to you. A product like the Grande can only be described in one word… Perfection.

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Danish Craftsmanship

Danish Craftsmanship

Building on the legacy of all our prior models the Grande is not only our very best work, but possibly the best the world has seen. Every choice, every curve, every material simply marks the execution of another step in a well formed long term plan to bring a statement piece to the market.

Speaker Design

Speaker Design

The placement of drivers were chosen with regard to typical room conditions. The woofer/ mid range placement prevents the bass notch, typically arround 150 Hz, that occurs in speakers with woofers high off the ground. Because lower midrange/upper bass is actually the key to realistic music reproduction, we have ensured this crucial frequency spectrum is properly reproduced.

Back view of speaker

Stylish. Refined.
Built to Last

Heirloom quality is our expectation. This is a speaker that will be with you through many amplifiers and source equipment. Easily blending into your décor, but standing out in all the right ways. This is a speaker that says something even before you turn them on.

Back view of speaker

Stylish, Refined, Built to Last

The complex cabinet is obsessively constructed with a passion for music and a flair for craftsmanship. Sixteen layers of curved beech wood adorn the cabinet that is further strengthened with a solid steel FEM-optimized integral stand.

Davone Grande speaker with leather surround

Grande in Every Way

Behind its 50's exterior, the Grande features the latest in modern technology. The uniform sound radiation, essential for a neutral representation of music, is achieved through the greater sum of its parts. The Crossover, drivers and cabinet all work in unity and make you want to listen to all your favorite recordings again and again.


Frequency response: 27 - 40,000 Hz
Impedance: 4 ohm, 3.5 minimum @ 70 Hz
Sensitivity: 90 dB/2.83V/m
Long term Power: 170 W (IEC 17.1)
Woofer: 10", Rigid Black Anodized Alu Cone, Xmax 28mm p-p Patented Symmetrical Drive Motor Design
Mid: 6.5" Egyptian Papyrus fiber cone, Powerful optimized low distortion neodymium motor, mode balanced cone for reduced break-up
Tweeter: 1" Beryllium dome, dual balanced compression chambers, non-reflective cast aluminium chamber
Crossover: 200 Hz, 2kHz
System: Closed / Bass reflex
Terminal: WBT NextGen
Cabinet: 16 layer beech wood form pressed veneer with multiple internal stiffeners
Finish: Walnut, gloss 20
Stand: FEA optimized 20mm pre-strained solid steel stub mounted through multiple support beams
Spikes: M6 thread
Weight: 105lb (48kg) / each


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